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The spiral hose set contains everything you might need for regular watering jobs in small gardens, on terraces and balconies, or on a campsite. The days of wasting time and effort lugging watering cans around or trailing hoses about are long gone.


 The Kärcher spiral hose set is a handy solution that is ready to use at any time, for any kind of watering job that needs doing.


Equipment details: 10 m phthalate-free, UV-resistant spiral hose, multi-functional spray gun, 1 x spiral hose connector with kink protection, 1 x spiral hose connector with kink protection and Aqua Stop, G3/4 tap adaptor, tap adaptor for in-house fittings, and a wall bracket. 


Thanks to the multi-functional spray gun supplied, even coarse dirt can be effortlessly removed from garden tools and other similar items. 


The spiral hose springs back into its compact shape after every use and can be stowed away on the wall bracket without taking up much space. 


The supplied tap adaptor for in-house fittings even makes it possible to connect the spiral hose to a kitchen tap. 




1 x Hose connector with kink-protection 


1 x Hose connector with kink-protection and Aqua Stop Tap adaptor G3/4 


No inconvenient un-/rewinding of the hose, no carrying of heavy watering cans Brass tap adapter for inhouse fittings 


To attach the Spiral hose to inhouse fittings Multifunctional spray gun with 4 spray patterns After usage the hose always regains its compact form 


Orderly storage for a tidy garden UV-resistant, kink-resistant spiral hose (10 m) 


Not hazardous to health 


Wall mount 


Easy mounting to the wall