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1, using IGBT inverter technology, current type control, reliable quality, stable performance

2, with thrust, thermal arc, overheating protection, digital display table

3, suction type forced air cooling

4, rated supply voltage, the arc is easy, the moment there is a clear thermal arc phenomenon, with obvious effect of thrust

5, net pressure fluctuation adaptability: net voltage single phase AC187V-420V can work normally, can use the generator


Rated input power (V):AC220V/AC380V

Rated input current (A):37.4A / 29.7A

Power supply capacity (KVA):8.2/11.3

Rated output Io (A) /Uo (V) 380V:230A/29.2V:220V:180A/27.2V

Welding current range (A) 380V:20A~230A:220V:20A~180A

Thrust adjustment range (A):0~75A

No-load voltage (V):62V/60V

Efficiency (%):85

Rated load rate (%):40% (40 C)

Power factor: 0.7

Shell protection class: IP21

Insulation level: F

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