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Cut faster through wood. With this ø 38 mm EZ SpeedClic wood cutting wheel 544 you can cut both hard and soft types of wood and also laminate. The carbide coating makes this wheel very durable. Quick, Easy, Keyless.




Shank diameter 3,2 mm
Working diameter 38,0 mm
Maximum RPM 35.000 1/min



The Multipurpose Cutting Kit allows for sturdy, controlled cuts in a variety of materials, including drywall, laminate, fiberglass, plastic and vinyl siding. And with its easy screw-on mounting system, you can install the Dremel cutting kit in seconds. Kit includes a multipurpose cutting guide, two drywall cutting bits, and a multipurpose cutting bit.



Depth adjustment quickly sets correct cutting depth up to ¾”

Easy screw-on mounting to rotary tool

Large window provides excellent visibility for better control

Control cuts in a variety of materials



Fit Tool model: Dremel model: 400, 300, 398, 395, 200, 100, 800, 780

Tool Level: 10 – rotary tool attachment

Weight: 15kg

Length: 6.65”

Material: Plastic and steel

Height: 4.269999”

Contents: Cutting Guide, (2) Drywall Bits, (1)Multipurpose Bit

Width: 2.78”

Size: 1/8In. Bit



Dremel DSM20 Abrasive Circular Hand Saw

The Dremel DSM20 is the ultimate compact saw with an excellent line of sight. The line of sight, powerful motor and abrasive wheels allow for straight, plunge or flush cuts. The Dremel DSM20 has the power to make material up to 20mm thick a breeze to cut. In addition the dust extraction port helps to ensure an accurate cut.

The Dremel DSM20 tool is a versatile compact saw that uses abrasive cutting technology. This tool is intended for straight cuts in wood, plastic, metal, drywall, fibreboard and tiles. The DSM20 accessories use abrasive wheels opposed to conventional tooth bladed wheels. This means that none of the DSM20 accessories have sharp intimidating teeth. The abrasive grit found on the edge of the wheels combined with the high speed rotation (17 000 RPM) and the powerful motor (710W) ensures that all the cuts are accomplished with ease.

Dremel has specially designed the DSM20 handheld saw to be small and easily handled when working on jobs in tight spaces. It’s one-third the size and weight of a typical circular power saw—making for convenient one-handed operation. But there’s no compromise on power here; the worm-drive gearing system provides greater power, optimal control, and extended tool life. The DSM20 features an optimized grip diameter and switch placement for additional user comfort.


This kit includes three attachments which help to enhance the cutting capabilities of the Dremel DSM20. Cutting parallel to the edge of the work is simple with the edge guide, while the 2×4 cutting guide can be used to quickly and accurately make cuts in 2×4 timber. The dust extraction port allows for clean and accurate work when working on materials that can produce dust and small particles.



– Excellent line of sight: for accurate cutting.
– Abrasive wheel technology: for straight cuts, plunge cuts and flush cuts in wood, metal, tile, plastic and masonry.
– Worm drive gearing: for durability and power.
– Powerful 710W motor: for tough applications.
– Adjustable depth guide: for precision and control.
– Dust extraction port: for clean working environment.



Dremel Moto-Saw (MS20) 2 in 1 Scroll/fret saw

The Dremel Moto-Saw is a compact and easy-to-use scroll saw for making detailed cuts in different materials. With its range of different saw blades, the Dremel Moto-Saw can handle many different materials easily. Thanks to its detachable fretsaw, it can be used not only stationary but in-hand anywhere. This user friendly scroll saw is not only easy to store and set-up, but also easy to operate. The Dremel Moto-Saw is the most user-friendly scroll saw.


  • Easy to use: quick accessory change combined with effortless set-up and storage due to its compact size.
  • Dual functioning: stationary mode for precision work and handheld mode for larger work pieces.
  • Reduced vibration: hold down foot.
  • Precise straight cuts: guide rails and parallel guide to assist cutting up to 18 mm.
  • Match speed to project at hand: Full variable speed control (1.500-2.250 RPM).

Parallel Guide attachment

Precise straight cuts: Guide rails and parallel guide to assist cutting up to 18mm.


The Moto-Saw blades have been designed to tackle a range of different materials including laminate, soft wood, hard wood, PVC or soft sheet metal. Depending on the application and the material, there is always a right selection of blade to achieve the best results. Below you can find all exclusive Moto-Saw Accessories.

General Purpose Wood Cutting Saw Blade (MS51)

Saw blade for straight and large diameter curved cuts in wooden and plastic materials. This blade has 6 teeth per centimetre ensuring a good balance between speed and precision.

Metal Cutting Saw Blade (MS53)

Saw blade for cutting soft sheet metal. This blade has 10 teeth per centimetre ensuring excellent cuts.

Fine Wood Cutting Saw Blade (MS52)

Saw blade for detailed cuts in wooden materials. This blade has 7 teeth per centimetre ensuring the finest cutting results.



The Dremel 8200-20 is the ideal cordless multitool kit for demanding projects. This product kit includes 2 x 10.8V 2.0Ah Li-Ion batteries and a fast charger to ensure maximum performance and minimum downtime. Featuring 20 genuine Dremel accessories, the 8200-20 is the solution when tough jobs are to be completed



– 3 LED battery gauge to monitor battery power.
– Innovative EZ Twist Nose Cap: no wrench required for changing accessories.
– Separate on/off switch with collet lock-out function prevents from accidentally activating the collet lock.
– Slide speed switch for full variable speed control up to 30.000 RPM.
– Soft grip for comfortable handling.
– Compact and powerful 10.8V Li-Ion battery with 1 hour charging time.
– High power 36mm electric motor for all your high demanding cutting jobs and more.
– Motor brake stops spinning of the accessory immediately.



Battery voltage – 10.8 V
Battery capacity – 1.5 Ah
Charging time – 1 h
Weight – 0.600 kg
Length – 24 cm
Variable Speed – 5,000 – 30,000 1/min
Battery technology – Lithium-Ion / ECP
Speed setting – Variable
Accessory quick change system – Yes : EZ Twist
Sound power – 83 dBA
Vibration – 1.1 – 5.6 m/s2



The key to a perfect result is having maximum control over your project. This Multi-Tool with interchangeable accessories and attachments will give you just that. The tool has a 360 degree soft grip for greater manoeuvrability in any position. Tackle even the smallest and most detailed tasks in awkward and tight spaces. The rotary speed is fully variable and controlled separately from the on/off switch, so you will always be able to pick up your project right where you left off. Together with the high-performance motor, the electronic feedback consistently gives you maximum force. Sand, grind, cut and more on any material with the same ease.


  • High power 175W motor for high performance
  • Innovative EZ Twist Nose Cap: no wrench required for changing accessories
  • Soft grip in all gripping areas for better handling
  • Full variable speed control (5.000 – 35.000 RPM) for maximum precision
  • Electronic feedback for enhanced torque and performance
  • Separate on/off switch with integrated collet lock out function



Rated Power input: 175W

Voltage: 230V

Weight: 0.66kg

Length: 23cm

Width: 4.1cm

Depth: 4.3cm

No load speed: 5.000 – 35.000 1/min

Speed setting: Fully Variable

Accessory quick change system: EZ Twist

Sound Pressure: 77.9 dB(A)

Sound Power: 88.9 dB(A)

Vibration: 2.6 – 11.4 m/s2



The Dremel 4000 Variable Speed Rotary Tool offers consistent performance at all speed levels and versatility thanks to the increased strength of its motor plus electronic feedback circuitry. It accepts all existing Dremel rotary tool accessories and attachments to complete a wide range of projects. A slim, ergonomic body provides a 360 Degree grip zone for comfort and control in any position.

  • Includes tool, flex shaft attachment, circle cutter and straight edge guide, multi-purpose cutting kit, lawn mower and garden tool sharpening attachment, sanding/grinding guide, detail nosepiece, storage case, quick-start guide and 50 genuine Dremel accessories for repairing, remodeling and restoring
  • Separate on/off switch and speed control dial for the perfect speed every time
  • 6-Amp, 5000 – 35,000 RPM, variable speed motor for maximum control and precision
  • Cool running ball bearing construction for smooth and quiet operation
  • Quick collet lock for fast accessory changes
  • Replaceable motor brushes extend tool life
  • 2-year limited warranty




Product Depth (in.): 15.15in

Product Width (in.): 10.4in

Product Height (in.): 3.75



Chuck Capacity: 0.125

Power Tool Features: Attachments Included, Case Included, Variable Speed

Chuck Type: Keyed

Product Weight: 5.66lb

Cord Length(ft): 6

Reconditioned: No

Corded Tool Type: Rotary Tool

Cordless/ Corded: Corded

Maximum Speed (rpm): 35000


Dremel RT 3000-1/25 230V Rotary Toolkit. Variable speed of 10000-33000 RPM, EZ twist Nose cap for easy accessory changes. Cool running ball bearing for smooth and quiet operation.



Tz twist nose cap with wrench for fast accessory changes

Variable speed from 10,000 – 33,000 rpm

Cool-running ball bearing construction for smooth & quiet operation

Replacement motor brush extend tool life




Rated power input: 130W

Voltage: 230V

Weight: 0.55kg

No load speed: 10,000 – 33,000 1/min



The Dremel 3000 is the result of upgrading our most popular rotary tool using user-requested features to improve the tool’s design and ergonomics. The tool also features the EZ Twist™ nose cap with an integrated wrench that allows the nose cap to be used as a wrench to tighten accessories and eliminates the need for a separate wrench. More efficient fan design and side vents provide a cooler running tool making it comfortable for extended periods of use. The tool also features a symmetrical design including a trumpet-shaped nose cap to facilitate a pencil-grip tool hold. The ability to use all existing Dremel accessories and most attachments let the 3000 complete a wide range of applications including cutting, grinding, sanding, carving and polishing a variety of materials.



Now have wrench-free accessory changes. The Dremel Chuck holds accessories without using a collect eliminating having to use a wrench and creating quick and easy accessory changes. Ideal when the application requires numerous accessory changes.


  • Now have tool-free accessory changes.
  • Eliminate the collet and wrench when changing Dremel accessories.
  • Accept all accessorybits with 1/32” to 1/8” shanks, use with rotary tool models 4000,400,3000,398,395,300,285,275,200,100,8220,8200,800,780,770,7700,750,8050
  • Also use with Dremel attachment 212,225 and 575


Material: Steel

Used on Model No: 4000, 400, 3000, 398, 395, 300, 285, 275, 200, 100, 8220, 8200, 800, 780, 770, 7700, 750, 8050.

Contents: 1 Chuck

Colour Code: DimGrey




Dremel VersaFlame: The Most Versatile Stationary Burner on the Market

The Dremel VersaFlame is a stationary burner, offering an entirely different system to the rotary tool which the brand is recognised for. This burner safely combines open flame use with a catalyst and soldering head especially for DIY applications. The tool comes with four different attachments to complete tasks such as soldering, shrinking and welding.

Get Heat Wherever You Need It

The VersaFlame is powered by normal lighter gas fuel, which is readily available in supermarkets. As there are no wires, you have the freedom to work anywhere, whenever you want. The tool takes seconds to fill with liquid butane gas and a full tank lasts between 75 and 90 minutes, meaning it is always ready to use. An open flame can be created by removing the tip, which reaches a temperature of 1200 degrees C. The hot blower head tip supplies a hot air temperature between 680 and 1000 degrees C, and the soldering tip will heat up to 550 degrees. This heat is fully adjustable with a plus/minus slider, to provide the right temperature for your project. The VersaFlame is also perfect for stationary use by attaching the removable foot.

Four Tips for Many Jobs

Included in the VersaFlame kit are four unique attachments that fix to the head of the tool. The catalyst generates hot air that can be used for melting plastics and other heat sensitive materials. The soldering tip is used for regular soldering activities, along with the supplied solder and tin with sponge. The flame extension piece produces hot air of approximately 1000 degrees C and can be used for heating larger surfaces. The deflector is used with the flame extension piece for shrinking of heat sensitive insulation around electrical wiring.

Child Safety Mechanism

The VersaFlame is equipped with a child safety lock that requires two-handed operation to protect against accidental ignition by children. The start-up is initiated by pushing the button on the top, then sliding the lock. The lock function allows for continuous working.

Perfect for Beginners and Experts Alike

The Dremel VersaFlame is perfect for beginners or experts. This is because Dremel ensures that every tool meets the highest quality standards and optimises the users’ enjoyment and comfort while working, however complex or simple the task may be.

Dremel Quality and Guarantee

Dremel products, as with all Bosch products, have a 2-year warranty. However, the quality of all Dremel tools means there is little likelihood of having to replace this tool. Dremel tools are built to last and maintain their high performance levels, while still being affordably priced.


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